Saturday, April 30, 2016

Donald Trump at a Paw-paus preaching

Welcome Burlington Vermont
To my tribute blog to my grandfather.
Shechaim Tallfox

Looking for your information about a politician speaking at a gathering.

A true traditional Native American New England Gathering,
where you came to aks your question is no place for politics.


If the Donald came to one of our families ancestral Paw-paus
and opened that
"Big Trap of his!"
The world would no long have a reason to fear the Trump.
That was not a threat.
That is telling the truth.
My family grew up in a Matriarch Society, to some extent.

This group of people will protect our females to the last warrior

from the likes of a Trump and a Cruz
or any politician
looking down their nose
at our females, male or female!

As usual, you will find that our ancestor's idea of a Matriarch Society

differs somewhat from the

'White -Version of a Matriarch Society'.

By this,

I mean that we always had a Shechaim, until the time of the casinos.

Sometimes a male and sometimes a female,

depending on the oldest member in knowledge when a Shechaim Crossed.



This could mean even an

'Adopted Female, with the correct knowledge'.

We can trace this back to a time when we were farmers

living around the Great Lakes Area.

The reason why we moved, we were the only non-warring tribe in the area.

Sometimes called (Diggers) out in the west.

We were pushed until we pushed back.

By this time, we were pusher to the Atlantic Ocean,

and we learned how to fight back and protect the tribe.

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