American Native Spirituality

Sachem Walkingfox prays for those who have crossed
over at the former
Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania.
Spirituality, is not religion.
Speaking in the name of religion, is a good way to assure a battle.
Religion, since the beginning of time has always
been a way to pit humans against each other.
'In the name of my God, I take your
life and your land and your wampum.'
In the name of Allah or God or whatever,
it has been an excuse for a dominating country or race
to make servants out of smaller, less populated races or countries.
In the Creator's eyes, we are all servants of the master.
We need to spend more time learning how to serve the Creator
and less time trying to make servants out of our fellow man.
The more we learn to serve the Creator,

the better everyone's life on Mother Earth will be.
Sachem Walkingfox
This page has information about one of my Mohegan Ancestors:

This first reference resource is an excellent view of the effect
of the Europeans on the culture and spirituality of my people.
Especially note the references numbered 26-30 from the book
reviewed and included in the link below of Professor Ryan.
George E. Tinker, Missionary Conquest:
The Gospel and Native American Cultural Genocide

This subject is personally close to my heart as I spent many hours
with prisoners who had often been denied the right to practice
their Native Spiritual believes while incarcerated.

John Barry Ryan, a Professor of
Religious Studies at Manhattan College,
describes and defines American Native Spirituality.

The University of Virginia stores an extraordinary
online collection of works by Native and Non Native writers.
This one by Marie L. McLaughlin is about the Lakota people.

An excellent guide for those who teach about our
Native Spirituality with many good reference resources.

This web page has a good description of
American Native Spirituality.

The University of Virginia has kindly reprinted
this work by Simon Pokagon.

Originally published in 1907, this story about the Lakota was
written by Charles Eastman, who would become the first
Doctor at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

An unverified collection of comments made by
Seneca Red Jacket about American Native Spirituality.

Elaine Lunham of Bay Mills Community College
describes the American Native tradition of smudging.

Charles Eastman wrote this beautiful work
about American Native Spirituality.

**An extremely frank description of the Sun Dance,**
the contents of this web page may be difficult
for the young or sensitive reader.

A series of exchanges concerning who is
best fit to teach American Native Spirituality.

This University of Pennsylvania's Museum
exhibition is about American Native Medicines.

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