Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hurricane Matthew and East Lake County Florida!

Hurricane Matthew and East Lake County Florida!
The SECO's area hardest hit
East Lake County!
2016 Hurricane Recap
Paisley in Lake County Florida
The powers to be in the Florida Government
are telling the people in Lake County Florida.

Because there is not enough damage
reported in the county.
No one can get assistance
the government of Florida

Every one of them wants to help and is trying to help.

Governor Rick Scott refuses to call it a disaster area?

It would seem that there was not enough
dollar damage in the Lake county area
to allow FEMA's help?

Please explain this to our home, and the neighborhood.

While you are at it with your explanation,
Please ask SECO!
SECO's report
Tropical Storm Colin

Tropical Storm Colin made landfall in the late night hours on Monday, June 6.

Colin is the first named storm to make landfall in Florida since Andrea in 2013.

While Colin moved across the state, parts of SECO’s service area experienced tropical-storm-force winds and extended periods of heavy rainfall.

Colin caused only a small number of outages in SECO’s area.

Crews worked quickly and safely to restore these outages within hours.

Hurricane Hermine

made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane in the Big Bend area
on Friday, September 2.

Hermine brought buckets of rain and high winds to the area,
causing approximately 14,000 total service interruptions.

Along with the hurricane, tornadoes touched down in Sumter County.

Members in Marion, Levy and Citrus counties
were hardest hit by Hurricane Hermine.

The SECO team did a stellar job in quickly restoring power by midnight that Friday.
Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew became an extremely powerful Category 3 hurricane
that hugged Florida’s east coast as it traveled north

Thursday, October 6.

Though Matthew didn’t make landfall in Florida, the storm brought rain and very strong winds to SECO’s service area.

The hurricane accounted for
approximately 28,000 outages
for SECO members.

The area hardest hit was East Lake County,
which suffered extensive damage.
Broken trees,
damaged utility poles,
roadway debris
were challenges for
SECO crews

By early Saturday afternoon,

all SECO members’ power was restored.

the damage to our homes
still remain!

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