Monday, January 11, 2021

The Capital of the people for the people, all of the people

By now you must be a little tired of my writings about the abuse of your/our Capital from trump redneck rebels? Well here’s another one! (Insurrectionist)? The shout of the trump army was, “This is our building”!
Question; Is this how you treat your home?
Don’t answer that, we the humans of the ‘United States of America’ know your answer!
Is this your home? (Insurrectionist)? NOUN A violent uprising against an authority or government. [more] Synonyms: rebellion • revolt • uprising • mutiny • revolution • insurgence • insurgency • rising • rioting • riot • sedition • civil disobedience • civil disorder • unrest • anarchy • fighting in the streets • coup • coup d'état • jacquerie • putsch

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