Wednesday, April 7, 2021

We the (Employers signaled our opposition to ( THE GOP in CONGRESS!)


GOP has already signaled their opposition to (EVERYTHING)!

We the (Employers signaled our opposition to (THE GOP in CONGRESS!)

Maybe we the (EMPLOYERS), of the members of congress should now and it is about time, signaled our opposition to the GOP's insurance company to stop their coverage because we the (Employers signaled our opposition to (THE GOP in CONGRESS!)

Thank you President Biden for my social security stimulus payment, in spite of the battle with congress!

Will There Be More Stimulus Checks? Democrats' Plan for Recurring Payments Faces Uphill Battle (

If you receive Social Security benefits, you could be in for a raise after President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office. With COVID-19 dominating headlines throughout the election, Biden's Social Security plan wasn't exactly a hot topic. Much of the attention it did get focused on fixing the program's solvency issues for future recipients. 

But Biden has several proposals that would increase checks for people who currently receive Social Security benefits. Granted, with a divided Congress, he faces a tough battle. Still, expect the 46th president to advocate for these changes that could give your monthly checks a boost. 
 Biden's Build Back Better plan could hinder his ability to get the package through Congress.
Members of the GOP have already signaled their opposition to the White House's $3 trillion infrastructure plan and in the House, Biden can only afford to lose eight Democrats. For its passage in the Senate, he needs a unified Democratic caucus and 10 Republicans.

However, The New York Times reported Democrats may be looking at passing the measure without Republican support. Senator Chuck Schumer was reportedly exploring a way for them to use reconciliation to bypass Republicans and pass a package with a simple majority, as they did for the American Rescue Plan.

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